“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” -Plato

Give for Garret!
Show your support for Garrett and his family.

Mom has left her job to take care of Garrett and even with insurance, out of pocket medical expenses are expected to reach 100k, so all donations are greatly appreciated. All donations for Garret will go directly to the family. Donations through Communities 4Kids are tax deductable.

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Garrett Niles
Recently diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer

Garrett Niles

Please help us support a local family. Garrett has been diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. Donations of any amount will be accepted!!
Donate online through

Thanks to all of you who showed your support for Garrett at The Edge Salon & Spa on Sunday December 4th. It was a great community event and very touching to see all of those beautiful bald heads including the CC Tigers!