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“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea” - Buddha

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Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson


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Address: P.O. Box 7238, Woodland Park, CO 80863
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Why we do what we do

"My hope is that we can all take a look at our lives and ask an important question. What can I do? No matter what our perceived status in life, I believe we have all been given gifts to share which in turn will help to build a stronger community."

The idea behind Communities 4Kids Corp/COS4kids began in 1997 when I myself was struggling with a very tough parenting issue at the time, divorce. A certain sense of helplessness in deciding the outcome of my children’s emotional welfare based on my lack of knowledge and resources surrounding the issue spurred a need to want to help others in the community.

Communities 4Kids Corp/COS4Kids.org came about after realizing the need for a central community based information source addressing the need for issue based knowledge as well as community event information. Current informational sites were analyzed and the conclusions of this evaluation were that there were no central informational sources that encompassed detailed information pertaining to family issues and activities. While there are disperse resources for obtaining information related to family issues and family/children centric events, there is no “One” source for families or children within the Colorado Springs area.


Laurie Anderson - Founder and President Communities 4Kids Corp.